The Art and Culture Stage, The Stage of Life for Ayu Laksmi

Silence at the beginning. Then there’s a sound crept and broke the silence. With a lotus in her right hand, a woman bowed solemnly. Gayatri Mantra was spelt slowly until then it was getting faster and faster.

That’s how Ayu Laksmi opened the music show Gempita Gianyar III. At that time, she moved the spiritual values to the stage. This was quite acceptable as a form of respect to the local genius which was (still) kept by Balinese society – that the Gayatri Mantra is a prayer and praise to God and the universe of life.

“Each area has its own local genius. If so, why do not we dig it up? I ‘m sure there are so many things we can find on earth. I have been trying to explore and interpret the local genius with contemporary songs as my characteristics,” said Ayu Laksmi, who sang her own creation the hymn of “Tirta” to start a song entitled Gangga, composed by Dewa Bujana. She was also performed a duet with Gita Gutawa to sing Putri Cening Ayu.

As her principle, she always tries to put her works as a part of prayer. So, she is very enthusiastic to see the improvement of music in Bali that has opened such a large space for musical performances with the spirit of arts and culture in it. Moreover, the performance has been packaged into a show which can be accepted by the public. With the attractive packaging, such collaboration has also given equal opportunity and portion to both contemporary and traditional artists.

“I feel glad to see the people starting to be fond of art performances. Some staging communities exist now. An unmitigated stage was constructed professionally by the professionals like Jay Subiakto. Gempita Gianyar was only one small example. This is a really positive improvement, regardless the rumor that art and cultural performances are more appreciated abroad rather than in our own country,” she said while admitting that it was hard to find a stage for her performances.

Her difficulty in finding cultural performances was approved by Oleg SancaBachtiar, one of the art directors. According to him, it is ‘hard’ to find Ayu Laksmi in the actual stage, in the arts and cultural performances. “I was willing to come all the way from Jakarta just to watch the show of Ayu Laksmi.”

Some spectators and journalists who witnessed the show agreed that Ayu Laksmi has successfully moved the values of spirituality to the stage. It is because she uses theatrical performances to interpret and transform the meaning of the songs which are being sang.

“Ayu Laksmi cannot be separated from the lotus, incense, and magical. All that things have become a kind of strong identity for her. She is always charismatic in all performances, “said Rumpoko Budi Nugroho.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday evening ( 7/7 ), Ayu Laksmi will be a guest star for Balawan and Batuan Ethnic Fusion in Bali Performing Arts (Pentas Kesenian Bali) in Art Center . This will be the first time for her appears on the show, since she has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. “That was just because Balawan invited me. Hopefully in the upcoming years, I can perform again on the greatest stage in Bali,” said Ayu Laksmi.

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