A Letter Inside The Voice

Surat dalam Suara

Ayu Laksmi will deliver a love letter , not in written form . The letter , will be echoed in the Student Hall Campus I , Sanata Dharma University , Yogyakarta Mrican on December 18, 2015 19:00 pm until finished .

Not only Ayu Laksmi which will catapult the letter , there are several Indonesian musicians who participated some of the Wukir Bamboo , Sri Krishna, Asrie Tresnady , Whani Darmawan , Thambunesia , Shadar Jazz , and Srinthil .

The event was organized by Drijarkarna Acoustic Project # 01 in 2015 was opened to the public and free of charge . Let’s look at the contents of the letter by Voice that resonates Universe .

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