Story Behind The Making of Svara Semesta 1

Ayu Laksmi has been a debate since the 80s until well into the 90s. After releasing Istana yang Hilang by Raidy Noor, a woman from Singaraja, Bali and even then disappear simultaneously ‘palace’ she had built from childhood in the world of rock n roll.

Long disappeared, Ayu Laksmi reincarnates with a new look, the opposite of the background that they do when entering singing Indonesian industry. Svara Semesta was born from the hermitage for 18 years from its glory at the time, and is part of the missing Ayu Laksmi sound.

Many people who support Ayu Laksmi in the process of cultivating Svara Semesta album. Eko Wicaksono, the outstanding music director and arranger of Indonesian, assisting Ayu Laksmi in making some of the arrangements songs on the album Svara Semesta. Except, Eko Wicaksono, there is other big names who participate and help the cultivation of Ayu Laksmi songs, Dewa Budjana, Peter Brambl music arranger from overseas Robert Webber. The famous Indonesian writers are also supporting and flowing to her, they are ; Cok Savitri, Sugi Lanus, Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Putu Fajar Arcana, etc.

Album Svara Semesta 1 by Ayu Laksmi born because her heart was touched to save Bali. Kind of traditions, the land, and also the people, who at that time there has been a tragedy of Bomb Bali on 2002 and asked to be part of that is thick with the feel of Bali.

“This is where they (foreigners) tried to hit me the meaning tradisi and culture that I could not go just like that,” she said, quoted from the interview

11 songs presented Ayu Laksmi which has lyrics from different languages namely ; English, Sanskrit, ancient Javanese language and also the Balinese language. In the album of Svara Semesta 1 consists of two rooms; cultural space and technology, human space.

Culture and technology space dominated by stories about the glorification of God and the Universe with contemporary style song says in Sanskrit, Jawa Kuno, and Bali. Inspired Kekawin (bhajans/ holy Kidung) as the ancestral cultural heritage that is full of philosophy. To balance the themes and language weight impressions, some music composition in this space presented in her style ala Nu Sound Technology. While both space tells about the birth, life and death played by a real human.

“I believe the proper sense of human beings can not be replaced. Although the technology has been quite successful play its role in the modern world. In this space I share with friends, musicians who empathize with my kegelisaha to work. ”

A small step, a big step begins at home. Based on this understanding he also held a soft launch Svara Semesta album in her own home, while hoping to provide motivation for North Bali back stretch with unmatchable culture

Coinciding with Purnama Kapat trusted people of Bali can provide a gentle vibration to the spirit and spirituality, as well as the early departure of the artists to respond to the nature and make it happen with a variety of works, Ayu Laksmi decided to start work on Warung Lapau, Sanur at noon. Later in the evening, Ayu Laksmi entered the hermitage in Besakih. At the same time, only a day of death of the biological father Ayu Laksmi, where he felt that the blood flow through his body art comes from his genes I Gusti Putu Wiryasutha, who died since Ayu Laksmi 4 years old.

Album Svara Semesta

Album Svara Semesta

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  1. Teruslah berkarya… sahabatku…
    Kangen banget sama Atoek yang suka gigitin lengan saya sampai biru..
    ketika masih di sma 1 singaraja,

    kira-kira masih ingatkah..?????????
    saya tunggu karya-karyanya!!!

  2. bunanto adi says:

    sounding classically…

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