Ayu Laksmi – Svara Semesta

Ayu Laksmi is a Balinese diva of Indonesian world music, she is not only a singer , as well as a gifted song writer, dancer,  actress and theatre performer. Starting as a rock singer, Ayu has travelled through many musical genres before she finally arrived where she is now. Her music employs many musical idioms from across Indonesian culture and religions.

Her new solo album entitle SVARA SEMESTA, features undeniably religious and spiritual undertones, presented in contemporary presentation or better known as World Music. Her songs written in no less than 5 different languages, including Sanskrit, Kawi, Balinese, Indonesian and English.

Photo by: I Gusti Dibal

Ayu’s contemporary version of an ancient Kawi poem soon became an integral part of her spectacular show, with a haunting performance that showcases Ayu’s vocal abilities and stage presence.

On stage Ayu’s husky alto is sometimes deep and heavy, at others  sharp and shrieking, then again smooth and sensual, all fusing into a contemporary musical style that has become her trademark. However, the strength of Ayu Laksmi and SvaraSemesta is in the live performance where she can make audiences seriously engage with her music and dance to the joy.

Along with the launch of her new solo album Ayu Laksmi formed a new musical  group also named Svara Semesta. Her Live performances involved some talented and young musicians from different corners of the country but mostly from Bali.

The group consists of : Ketut Rico Mantrawan (keyboard), I Gede Agus Yudhana (acoustic guitar)Dody Sambodo (bass guitar) Ajat Lesmana (percussion & didgeridoo), Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta (drum), Afan Latanete (percussion), I Dewa Gede Agung Perdana Putra (electric guitar),Gamelan-Balinese Traditional Orchestra : I Nyoman Suwida, I Wayan Sudarsana, I Wayan Suastika, I Nyoman Suarsana.


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