Live Performance

Rico Mantrawan (KEYBOARD)

Even earlier at young age Rico knew he was born to play music which he practiced tiresly and autodidacally. Rico’s first musical performance was together with his older brothers who formed a teenage musical group. The skilled Rico becomes one of most notable keyboardist on the island and his skill has taken him to play in different bands such as Balawan, Tropical Transit, dan finally Svara Semesta Ayu Laksmi.

Doddy Sambodo (Bass)

Since exposed to music at young tender age of 3, Doddy Sambodo has unstopable interest in music which gradually made him learn music intensely. He also decided to enroll to study music at Vidi Vici Music. Not satisfied to just enjoy music, he turned pro which took him to join Djampiro Band (rhythm section), Baio Band, and, at the end it is his destiny that he joins Svara Semesta Ayu Laksmi where he is the lead bassist.


When  he is in trance and becomes one with his guitar, I Gede Agus Yudhana tends to behave like an “austistic” who never fails to make everyone entertained. He started to practice music since 4 years old, and as a result of the exposure to his parents’ music activity, Gede Yudhayana developed his basic in Keroncong music which mostly he learnt autodidaclly. As this type of music becomes the root of creative music process, now that he joins Svara Semesta, it also spices up the music of this band. Gede Yudhayana helped to give birth to “beautiful” songs of Svara Semesta conceived through Ayu Laksmi’s creative process.


His love for tradisitional music and world music, has made Ajat Lesmana, apart from percusion, choose the Australian Aboriginal musical intrument called didgeridoo as his musical expression. Having made Bali home, the Bandung born musician has discovered a great venue to explore his musical search in the island of thousads temples. Formerly played at Bamboo and Saharadja, the talented Ajat is now a proud member of Svara Semesta.

Afan Latanete (PERCUSSION)

Not like his colleagues in the band, Afan Latanete was not born in family that is musical. However, he turned out to grow up as a very talented musician. As a result of his tireless training,  Afan aquired his musical prowse and experience. Afan learnt percusion autodidacally, during  his music training under the mentorship of one of the lecturers of ISI Yogyakarta. A keen learner of music, he never stops practicing to develop his musical senses and sensitivity. Now Afan has found a greater ground to express his musical intuition ever since he joined Svara Semesta Ayu Laksmi.

Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta (DRUM)

Having keen interest in music, Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta, known for his abbreviated name Gustu, finally decided to make a career on it. Considered to be one of the best of drummer on the island, this young musician likes to explore his music through the sound of the drum that beats dynamically as if it accompanies him in to go deep in his creative process. The strong, heavy and rhythmitic beats influenced by renown drummers such as John Bonham, Vinnie Colaiuta and Elvin Jones have earned Gustu a musical skill that perfectly combines contemporary and traditional genre. Ever since his young tender age of 7 Gustu has trained his “senses” by listening to and imitating music records belonging to his father such as Deep Purple. Whilst living in the modern music, Gustu also has great interest in Balinese traditinal arts.

Agung Perdana Putra (ELECTRIC GUITAR)

I DEWA Gede Agung Perdana Putra, Amd. Mus., also known as Agung PP was born to music loving family. His father is a clasical guitarist, and most of his mother’s relatives and family are known to practice fine arts. His uncle owns the first recording studio in Yogyakarta. Gustu learnt classical guitar at Vidi Vici Music Course in Denpasar for one year, before he made his mind to learn music autodidacally. In addition, Gustu also enrolled at the Academy of Music of Yogyakarta, majoring in Music in 2003. He released an album in a DVD format in limited edition entitled Agung ‘n Hits Mates, Unknown Jazz Concert, also as part of his last assignment in 2006.


Formed on 22 Juni 1997, Batuan Ethnic Fusion (BEF) explores far deep into elements of Balinese traditional music. In its creative process, BEF demosntrates a peak fusion of ethnic and contemporary music that is full of musical explorations, drastic movements and dynamics, rhythm and beats that are unique characteristic of Balinese music. Intially started to get great recognation when joining Balawan, nowadays its four members of BEF, I Nyoman Suwida; I Wayan Sudarsana, AKA Mangku; I Wayan Suastika, AKA – Pecok; dan I Nyoman Suarsana, AKA Lave, are backing Ayu Laksmi in Svara Semesta.

I Nyoman Suwida

Born and raised in a family that dedicate themselves to safeguarding the traditional Art of Bali in Batuan, Gianyar, especially in dancing, I Nyoman Suwida has a big ambition to make Balinese music equal to the more contemporary one, through the Gamelan instruments. 1997 saw his birth in music creativity. Wayan Balawan, who was his mate when the two did magambel together when they were still young, aksed him to join him to create Batuan Ethnic Fusion. From that time on, Suwida is in full swing to carry out his mission to beautifully make traditional music equal  to and in harmony with contemporary music.

I Wayan Sudarsana

I WAYAN Sudarsana was born in Batuan, Gianyar, 34 years ago. The man who is known as Mangku, indeed tries to preserve genggong traditional music in his cultural village. Mangku’s grear musical energy gets a lot of inspiration from his grandfather as well as from his friends of the youth before he joined the Batuan Ethnic Fusion. And, finally he joined Svara Semesta to even further introduce Balinese traditional music.

I Wayan Suastika

Ever since his exposure to music during junior school, particularly to the gamelan music, I Wayan Suastika intensely learnt music as an expression of love and dedication towards traditional  Balinese music. As an admirer of the late famous traditional musician Mandra, Pecok, as he is known to his friends, learnt Balinese music autodidacally. He played for the Batuan Ethnic Fusion in 1997, before he finally joined Svara Semesta Ayu Laksmi where gives traditional Balinese musical touches to the it.

I Nyoman Suarsana

Born and raised in an environment that highly appreciates arts, I Nyoman Suarsana is one of those full of dedication to traditional arts. The love to the traditional art has encouraged the talented, as he is called by his friends, to enroll in the Institute of Fine art of Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar. It is his expertise in traditional music that finally made him join Batuan Ethnic Fusion before he supported Ayu Laksmi in her album Svara Semesta with his musical exploration of traditional and contemporary music.